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Topps - Star Wars Galaxy 7 - 2011

Quick Card Info
Card Values
::  set value: $10-15
::  unopened box: $65
::  pack: $2
::  single: $0.10
::  foil: $1
::  etched foil: $2
::  copper and gold foil: varies widely
::  retail animation cels: $5-10
::  sketch: varies widely
::  autographed galaxy card: varies widely
::  printing plate: varies widely

The Galaxy cards seem to be a never ending franchise now for Topps, and yet, they don't seem to grow old. The cards remain fan and collector favorites, with something new to be discovered almost with every card. It is not uncommon to find the art work from the Galaxy card series base cards presented on facebook or other sites as simply artwork. The base cards remain incredible in their variety and creativity. While some cards will not appeal to everyone, generally speaking, every person will find some cards that they love and enjoy. Card backs also continue to be interesting, with background information and artist information that simply isn't found anywhere else in the Star Wars community.

It has become difficult to keep up with all the cards produced by Topps as the years pass, but a huge thank you goes out to Jeff Brown for providing the checklist below.

Card NumberDescription
1The Wrath of Maul
2Educating Luke
3Best Friends Forever
4A Different Sife of Leia
5His Worst Fears Realized
6A Jedi on Tatooine
7Fett's Grand Destiny
8The Finest of Naboo
9Talon's Dark Reach
10The Rogue Years
11Birth of a Hero
12Life With Leia
13The Pity of Darth Vader
14A Daring Deception
15Fighting For Naboo
16Spying on Stormtroopers
17Facing a Frozen Fate
18A Menace Named Maul
19A Dark Victory
20Discovering Darth Maul
21Vader's Optimism
22The Eve of Infiltration
23The Hopeful Princess
24Not Part of the Bargain
25A Dark Side Destiny
26Desert Nomads
27Vader's Revenge
28Podrace Spectator
29Ashoka Grows Up
30In Search of Han
31The Spiritual Jedi
32The Warrior Kenobi
33In the Court of the Evil Hutt
34The Millennium Falcon's Great Escape
35Boba Fett's Grand Return
36Luke's Dark Journey
37A Hutt Called Jabba
38Dueling with Dooku
39Unclear Omnisignal Unicode
40When Ewoks Attack
41Pursued by Rancors
42A Pensive Princess
43Leia's Vigil
44The Kessel Run
45The Odd Couple
46Mourning for Padme
47Mighty Mace Windu
48Beyond the Cave
49Portrait in Black
50A Friend in Need
51Rites of Passage
52Jedi a la Kurosawa
53Dashing Derring-Do
54The Karloff Connection
55Boba Fett's Prize
56See Action Now
57The Clash of Lightsabers
58The Hunter and His Prey
59Legacy of the Empire
60In the Clutches of Darth Vader
6130 Years
62Searching for Solo
63The Bounty of Bossk
64A Long Time Ago...
65The Battle Continues
66The Empire Falls
67A Brand New Hope
68The Empire Strikes Again
69Return of the Saga
70Han Shot First
71A Wretched Hive
72The Truth Unfurled
73Knight of Passage
75Victory if Imminent
76Geonosis Reflections
79Use the Force, Luke
80Wookie Rage
81Cruise the Galaxy
82Luke and the Force
83Vader Triumphant
84Han's Narrow Escape
85The Lando Factor
86Ready for Adventure
87A Truly Classic Cover
88A Mystery Named Maul
89The Nefarious Opposition
90Alliance of Evil
91Against the Dark Side
92A Portrait of Leia
93A Collection of Fiends
94A Jedi's Destiny
95Trouble on Tatooine
96Splintered Together
97Star Lovers
98The Fate of Palpatine
99Revenge of the Tribute
100A Brand New Master
101Luke's Loss of Innocence
102Against Dooku's Might
103The Bounty Hunter's Prize
104A Dark Challenge
105The Crimson Crusader
106For Blood and Money
107Pods Away
108Checking Out Threepio
109Showdown with Grievous
Etched Foil Cards
1 of 6Nightsisters
2 of 6Darth Sidious
3 of 6Darth Nihilus
4 of 6Count Dooku and Darth Maul
5 of 6Darth Vader
6 of 6Darth Talon
Foil Art Cards (Silver/Copper/Gold)
1 of 15Anakin Skywalker
2 of 15Cad Bane
3 of 15Older Obi-Wan Kenobi
4 of 15Bossk
5 of 15Chewbacca
6 of 15Boba Fett
7 of 15Slave Leia
8 of 15Bespin Leia
9 of 15Luke Skywalker
10 of 15Darth Maul
11 of 15Palpatine
12 of 15Han Solo
13 of 15Grand Moff Tarkin
14 of 15Darth Vader
15 of 15Yoda
Animation Cels (Retail)
1 of 9Asajj Ventress
2 of 9Battle of Hoth
3 of 9Boba Fett
4 of 9Darth Maul
5 of 9Darth Vader
6 of 9C-3PO and R2-D2
7 of 9Sandtrooper
8 of 9Scout Trooper
9 of 9Yoda
Various Sketch Cards / Printing Plates

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