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European GP Batteries - 2009

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Companies and manufactures are always looking for ways to encourage consumers to buy their products. GP batteries are not any different. To promote Clone wars, and to sell their batteries, GP batteries included a small lenticular Clone Wars card into the various packs of batteries. There are 8 different cards to collect. But despite the rather small size of the set, completing a set is somewhat expensive as a pack of batteries with that one card is on sale for about $10. These packs are apparently just on sale in the Scandinavian countries; Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland.

Many thanks to Michael Aunsholt for providing this information

Card NumberCard Description
NAAhsoka Tano
NAAnakin Skywalker
NAAsajj Ventress
NACaptain Rex
NAGeneral Grievous
NAMaster Yoda
NAObi-Wan Kenobi
NAR2-D2 / C-3PO

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