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Topps - US - E1: Widevision Retail Edition - 1999  

Quick Card Info
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Card Values
  set value: $5-10
  unopened box: $40
  single: $0.10
  chase: $5
  sticker: $1
  oversize cards: $5-10

Chase and promo card images can be seen at Andy's site

Two sets were part of the initial release of Phantom Menace merchandise; a hobby set, and a retail set.

This set is in the now famous Topps Widevision format. This format is terrific for movie photo cards, as it allows images from the film to be presented without cropping. It also gives a lot more room on the backs of the cards for information. Adding to the fun of this set is a great color scheme and well-designed card backs.

The cards were printed on 20-point stock with a UV coating. There are 80 cards in the set, featuring movie highlights and character profiles. The cards follow the general plot of the film.

The chase cards are where this set seems to get interesting. In the past, we have seen between 6 and 10 chase cards, usually chrome cards. It looks like the retail version of this set will instead have 16 sticker cards, and 10 mirror-board cards. I happen to think this is great for kids and collectors alike. Hologram cards look neat, but lets face it, kids could care less. Stickers however are a great bonus in any card set, and a nice flashback to the past. The stickers for this set have one odd quirk, the word "peel" appears in the top right-hand corner of each sticker. The stickers are beautiful with character images within film settings. Sticker backs show the same character. If the stickers is peeled, the image on the back could be considered a card with a blank white back. The mirror-board cards are equally nice, with each featuring a characters face above a character scene and the characters name. The cards are shiny, but don't have the image depth of a chrome card.

The card set has 5 wrapper variations.

This card set was distributed by the pack at $1.99 per pack for 8 cards. Topps pre-printed the price onto the wrappers, which should discourage stores that tend to overcharge. In addition to being available in packs, the cards were also being distributed in collectible tins. 5 tins are available (Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon Jinn, Amidala, Anakin, and Darth Maul). Each tin contains 7 packs of cards. Additionally, each tin contains one of five special oversize chrome cards. Tins have a recommended price of $19.99, and are well worth the price in my opinion.

This is a great card set, and one that every collector and Star Wars fan will enjoy. Topps has done an excellent job with this set, demonstrating how truly great Star Wars cards can be for the second time this year (see the Chrome Archives set for another great example).

Thanks to Josh Charles for help filling in some of the blanks on my checklist.

A big thank you to many people for quickly identifying the F6 card as Watto, previously listed as needed. :o) There are far too many names to list, but the information is still much appreciated.  

Card Number Description
1 Title Card
2 Trade Federation Rendezvous
3 The Guardians of Peace
4 "Begin Landing Your Troops!"
5 Protocol Droid Surprise
6 Over Naboo Swampland
7 An Awkward Introduction
8 New Friend of the Jedi
9 Destination: Otoh Gunga
10 "...In Big Dudu Dis Time!"
11 Jar Jar's Life-Debt
12 The Gungan Sub
13 What Lurks Behind ...
14 Tongue of Terror
15 Escaping the Opee Sea Killer
16 The Sando Aqua Monster
17 The Cold Claw Fish
18 The Queen's Palace in Theed
19 An Emergency Escape
20 Aboard the Transport Ship
21 The Dark Lord Called Maul
22 A Brave Little R2 Unit
23 Refueling and Repairing
24 Space Junk for Sale
25 Bargaining With Watto
26 A Message From Mos Espa
27 Obi-Wan on Board
28 A Tasty Treat for Jar Jar
29 Snagged by Sebulba
30 Anakin Confronts His Rival
31 Conscience of the Queen
32 Sio Bibble's Plea
33 Hit by a Sandstorm
34 Dinner in a Slave Hovel
35 Padme Doesn't Approve
36 "Either Way, You Win"
37 Young Hero ... Or Bug Squash?
38 Podrace Preparations
39 A Mouthful of Energy
40 Hard Working Astromech Droid
41 Darth Maul on Tatooine
42 Inside the Podrace Hangar
43 Skeptical Toydarian
44 A Day at the Podrace
45 Presiding Over the Podrace
46 "They're Off!"
47 Intergalactic Spectators
48 He's on the Leader
49 Skywalker Rules!
50 The Call to Destiny
51 Escape From Tatooine
52 On the Way to Coruscant
53 Palpatine's Political Ploy
54 Qui-Gon and the Jedi Council
55 The Galactic Senate
56 Twelve Concerned Jedi
57 "Tested He Will Be"
58 Facing Mace Windu
59 Judgement of the Jedi
60 Unspeakable Alliance
61 Binks Leads the Way
62 An Audience With Boss Nass
63 Her True Identity Revealed
64 The Mysterious Enemy
65 Trade Federation Tanks Close In
66 Orders From OOM-9
67 Battle Droid Formation
68 Preparing for the Assault
69 The Battle Droid Army
70 Qui-Gon's Fight for Life
71 Star Pilot Ric Olie
72 Attacking a Space Station
73 Unexpected Help From Anakin
74 Jedi Vs. Sith
75 Young Skywalker's Gamble
76 Defeat of the Battle Droids
77 Their Evil Scheme Shattered!
78 The Lightsaber Duel
79 A Jedi Falls
80 Checklist
Mirror Cards
F1 Anakin Skywalker
F2 Qui-Gon Jinn
F3 Obi-Wan Kenobi
F4 Queen Amidala
F5 Jar Jar Binks
F6 Watto
F7 Darth Maul
F8 Nute Gunray
F9 Battle Droid
F10 C-3P0 & R2-D2
Sticker Cards
S1 Qui-Gon Jinn
S2 Obi-Wan Kenobi
S3 The Neimoidians
S4 Jar Jar Binks
S5 Darth Sidious
S6 Queen Amidala
S7 C-3P0
S8 Padme Naberrie
S9 Anakin Skywalker
S10 Watto
S11 Darth Maul
S12 Mace Windu
S13 Sebulba
S14 Battle Droids
S15 Boss Nass
S16 The Galactic Senate
Oversize Cards Available Exclusively in Collector Tins
1 of 5 Anakin Skywalker Tin Cover Art
2 of 5 Darth Maul Tin Cover Art
3 of 5 Obi-Wan Tin Cover Art
4 of 5 Queen Amidala Tin Cover Art
5 of 5 Qui-Gon Jinn Tin Cover Art

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