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Topps - US - Star Wars Chrome Archives - 1999 

Quick Card Info
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Card Values
  set value: $30-50
  unopened box: $75
  single: $0.50 - $1
  chase: $5-15
  promo: $1-2

Images can be seen at Andy's site

This set has an interesting claim to fame in that it is the last classic Star Wars set to be released by Topps prior to the arrival of the prequels on film. It is perhaps fitting then that this set revives the best of the classic Topps cards with some of the best new card technology available. The Chrome Archives set was released May 10, 1999. The set contains 90 common cards and 13 chase cards. Saying this, I just have to add that there is nothing common about these common cards. For card fans who enjoyed the Star Wars Finest set, this set is twice as good. If you are a card collector, you need to have the Chrome Archives set as part of your collection.

The Star Wars Chrome Archives set revisits the original Star Wars cards that were released between 1977 and 1983. The vintage cards remain fan favorites for good reason. For older fans, the cards are a reminder of our childhood enjoyment of the Star Wars films, and of collecting the cards for those films. The vintage cards featured great images, fun captions (with lots of exclamation points), and stickers and gum in every pack. You couldn't get anything better; until now.

The Chrome Archives set applies Chrome technology to 90 original card images (30 from each classic film). Images have been re-mastered for these cards, and they look incredible. I can't emphasize that enough, these cards look great. They are heavy stock, with a glossy finish to the back, high quality images that have been embossed, and have a high level of detail. Did I mention they look great? Every common card for this set is equal to almost any chase card from another set. Topps might just be spoiling card collectors.

The chase cards for this set are also great. They include two types, clear chrome cards (1:18), and double-sided chrome cards (1:12). The double-sided chrome cards recreate images from original stickers on the front, while their backs show an image of the original movie poster. The clear chrome cards bring back the clear chrome technology that was first seen in the Star Wars Galaxy 3 card set. Essentially these 'cards' are printed on clear plastic, so that the image is visible from either side, and the image is enhanced by the ability of light to shine through. Featuring four major characters, the clear chrome cards are really spectacular.

If there is a problem with this set, it is the difficulty the average collector is going to have completing the full set. At an average retail price of $3 per pack (for a 5 card pack), this set is not cheap to complete even if you just attempt to make the common cards. Collecting all 13 chase cards as well will prove difficult for most collectors. This set is really intended for the avid Star Wars card collector. Having said that, a patient collector will find that these cards do still come up for sale on ebay, and unopened boxes of the cards can still be purchased.

I owe thanks to the following people for assistance with this page: Andy Dukes, David Polis, Daniel Skowronski, Rick Bors, Keith Jakubowski, and Jeff Tedder, among others.


Card Number Description
1 Darth Vader Strangles A Rebel!
2 A Message From Princess Leia!
3 Princess Leia - Captured!
4 The Escape Pod is Jettisoned!
5 The Droids on Tatooine
6 Stormtroopers Seek The Droids
7 Luke Checks Out His New Droid
8 The Tusken Raiders
9 Ben Kenobi Rescues Luke!
10 Interrogated By Stormtroopers!
11 Han Solo Cornered by Greedo!
12 Distracted by Solo's Assault
13 The Millennium Falcon Speeds Through Space!
14 Lord Vader Threatens Princess Leia!
15 Sighting the Death Star
16 Deadly Blasters!
17 Panning An Escape!
18 Stormtroopers Attack!
19 Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill
20 Han and Chewie Shoot It Out!
21 Ben With the Lightsaber!
22 The Lightsaber
23 Han in the Millennium Falcon
24 Luke Prepares for the Battle
25 Who Will Win the Final Star War?
26 Preparing For the Raid!
27 The Empire Strikes Back!
28 Battle in Outer Space!
29 Spectacular Battle!
30 The Honored Heroes!
31 Luke Astride His Tauntaun
32 Rejuvenation Chamber
33 Imperial Spy
34 The Snow Walkers
35 Rebel Snowspeeders Zero In!
36 Vader and His Snowtroopers
37 Emergency Blast Off!
38 Battle of the Star Destroyer
39 Canyons of Death!
40 Misty World of Dagobah
41 "Welcome, Young Luke!"
42 Journey Through the Swamp
43 "Use the Force, Luke?"
44 Luke Battles . . . Himself?
45 The Bounty Hunters
46 Star Lovers
47 The Landing
48 Enter Lando Calrissian
49 Han's Torment
50 The Prize of Boba Fett
51 His Day of Triumph
52 The Fate of Han Solo
53 Boba's Special Delivery
54 The Search for Vader
55 The Confrontation
56 The Force and the Fury
57 "Embrace The Dark Side!"
58 "Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!"
59 Luke's Last Stand
60 Toward Tomorrow
61 The New Death Star
62 Intergalactic Gangster
63 Han Solo's Plight
64 The Princess Enslaved
65 The Young Jedi
66 The Dreaded Rancor
67 Toward the Sarlacc Pit
68 Jabba the Hutt's New Dancing Girl
69 Boba Fett Attacks!
70 The Raging Battle
71 Swing to Safety
72 The Deciders
73 Yoda, The Jedi Master
74 A Word With Ben Kenobi
75 Droids on the Move
76 Captured!
77 All Hail See-Threepio!
78 Unexpected Allies
79 Luke Skywalker's Destiny
80 Imperial Biker Scout
81 Ready for Action!
82 Artoo-Deetoo -- Hit!
83 Chewbacca Triumphant
84 Facing the Emperor
85 The Emperor's Offer
86 Darth Vader is Down!
87 The Death Star Raid
88 Admiral Ackbar
89 Within the Death Star
90 The Triumphant Trio / Checklist
The Chase Cards
C1 (Luke) May the Force be with you!
C2 (Vader) Dave Prowse as Darth Vader
C3 (Han) Harrison Ford as Han Solo
C4 (Leia) Liberated Princess!
D1 Darth Vader
D2 Luke Skywalker
D3 Princess Leia
D4 Han Solo
D5 Chewbacca
D6 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
D7 See-Threepio
D8 Artoo-Detoo
D9 The Tusken Raider
Promo Cards
P1 "Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!"
P2 "Welcome, Young Luke!"

Updated by D Carleton

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