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Lider - Chile - Episode One Lider Cards - 1999  

Quick Card Info
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Card Values
  set value: $30
  single: $1 

Images can be seen at Andy's site

Well, I'm sure someone, somewhere will jump in with more detailed information than what I am about to provide, but what I have, will have to do for now.

Lider is a food product in Chile. I'm not sure what sort of product. In 1999, Lider issued a set of product promotional cards in connection with Episode One.

Card fronts include an interesting offset variation to the red starburst pattern associated with most Episode One products, the brand name Lider, and a "Star Wars Episode I" logo, along with a description of the character or ship shown. Cards 19 through 30, omit the character/ship name, and predominantly show movie scenes.

Card backs included a smaller version of the picture shown on the front of the card, the name Lider again, as well as logos for Pepsi, Nestle, Skip, and Hasbro. A brief description of the scene or character shown on the front is provided. All text is in Spanish.  

Card Number Description
1 Anakin Skywalker
2 Obi Wan Kenobi
3 Qui Gon Jinn
4 Reina Amidala
5 Jar Jar
6 C-3P0
7 R2-D2
8 Darth Maul
9 Battle Droid
10 Watto
11 Sebulba
12 Battle Droid
13 Anakin Skywalker
14 Darth Maul
15 Reina Amidala
16 Obi Wan Kenobi
17 Jar Jar
18 Balla Espacial
19 Amidala
20 Podrace Scene
21 Anakin's Podracer
22 Trade Federation Starfighter
23 Qui Gon duels Darth Maul
24 Naboo Fighter
25 Obi Wan and Qui Gon
26 Final Duel
27 Royal Starship
28 Darth Maul
29 3 Jedi
30 Anakin and Shmi

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