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Bimbo Cao - Spain - Episode One Stickers - 1999  

Quick Card Info
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Card Values
  set value: $10-15
  single: $0.50

Images can be seen at Andy's site

Distributed with Bimbo Cao food products in Spain, these stickers were distributed folded, and contained a scratch off contest on the back. The set contains a total of 30 stickers that were not numbered. Sticker backs did not contain information about the sticker, but information about the contest. A fun set of stickers to collect, each sticker had the Star Wars logo on the front.

My own set is only partially complete, so I do not have a complete checklist at this time.  

Card Number Description
no number Obi-Wan fights Maul
no number Qui-Gon escorts the Queen
no number Darth Maul
no number Obi-Wan Kenobi
no number Qui-Gon defends the Queen
no number Darth Maul fights Qui-Gon on Tatooine
no number Montage of Droids before Maul and Sidious
no number Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Stand Defense
no number Jedi vs. Sith
no number Darth Maul on white background
no number Federation Tanks
no number Naboo Fighter
no number Qui-Gon vs. Maul on Tatooine
no number Anakin Podracer
no number Droid Fighter Ships
no number Droid on STAP
no number Anakin podracers in background
no number Naboo fighter in battle
no number Queen Amidala on throne
no number Queen and decoy on throne
no number C-3P0
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown
no number unknown

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