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Pacosa Dos / Internacional - Spain - ROTJ Cards - 1983

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Images can be seen at Andy's site

Issued in Spain in 1983, this set of mini-cards are similar in size to the ROTJ Monty cards issued in the Netherlands. Unlike the Monty cards however, these Spanish cards have plain white borders, and no text on the card fronts.

Card backs feature the Return of the Jedi logo in Spanish, the card number, and a brief description of the card front in Spanish. Card backs also include information about the company which printed the cards.

I have only a few of these cards in my personal collection, so I am not able to provide a full checklist. I have provided a checklist for the small number of cards I own however, and a sample scan of card number 127 is shown.

Anyone with additional information on these cards, please contact me. I am also looking to trade for or purchase more of these cards for my own collection.

Special thanks to Josep Viladomat for providing the limited information I have here.

Card NumberDescription
20 Lando checks a frozen Han
40 R2 and C3-P0 at Jabba's door
54 Droopy McCool
57 Boushh and Chewie before Jabba
64 An unfrozen Han
86 Battle on the skiff
90 Saving Lando
95 Guard on Jabba's sail barge
96 Luke clings to the sail barge
102 Assembled Imperial troops
116 Rebel troops in the forest
119 Luke on Endor
127 Vader approaching the Emperor's throne room
131 Luke, Han and Chewie on Endor
148 Luke in the Ewok village
155 The commando team enters the bunker
157 Captured by Imperial Stormtroopers
163 Stormtroopers in the Endor forest
177 Vader and Luke approaching the throne room
193 Control room of the Death Star
196 Celebrating with the ewoks
197 Han argues with C-3P0

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