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Nellba - Sweden - Stjarnos Krig Cards - 1983

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Images can be seen at Andy's site

These two separate card sets were issued in Sweden, and are among the more difficult international vintage sets to complete, especially if you attempt to collect all variations available. I would like to thank Bert-Olof Lundin for providing much of the information on these card sets and Bror Hellman for helping to update and correct information to make this page more complete.

There are two sets of the Stjärnornas Krig Swedish Star Wars cards. The first set of cards are numbered 201-278. The second set of cards are numbered 301-326. It is not known why the cards are numbered in this way, as the numbering scheme does not appear to fit in with other cards issued in Sweden in the same time period. Cards came packaged in a blue wrapper with a small cut-out "window" on the front that allowed you to not only see part of the first card in the pack, but to actually touch the card as well. It is very unusual to find a sealed pack of cards for collecting. The first set of cards was issued with two variations. Cards either have descriptive text, describing the characters shown on the card, or they have the words "Stjärnornas Krig" (The Stars War) in the place where the descriptive text would be. This variation makes it possible for a collector to complete three separate sets of Swedish Star Wars cards; a set numbered 201-278 with all cards labeled Stjarnornas Krig, a set numbered 201-278 with all cards having a descriptive label, and a set of cards numbered 301-326. It is very difficult to complete a set of the cards numbered 201-278 where all of the cards have descriptive text rather than the Stjarnornas Krig labeling. The second set of Star Wars cards was not issued with variations, and all cards only come as labeled in the checklist below. A small number of Star Wars cards are numbered outside the numbers shown above, as they were apparently included in with card sets that were not Star Wars cards. There are a total of 6 cards with Star Wars themes found in other sets. They are now shown on the checklist with thanks to Bror Hellman. It should be noted that there are 2 cards numbered 78 with unique images. It is possible these were included in different non-Star Wars sets.

These cards were manufactured by a card company called Nellba AB (AB is Swedish for 'company' similar to LTD or INC). The company was founded in 1960 and went bankrupt in 1985. It is reportedly the largest trading card manufacturer in Sweden during this time.

The card descriptions below are those from the actual cards. Explanations, where needed, have been placed in parenthesis. All cards were numbered on the card front along one edge, with the card description following the number. Original spelling and punctuation has been used in this list, however some accent marks are not indicated due to the limitations of my HTML editor. Cards show images from all three Star Wars movies, and do not follow in plot sequence. Some cards contain the abbreviation "m.fl." which stands for med flera (with others in Swedish). Cards 201-278 also had a second variation possibility in that the cards came both with and whithout the "TM c Lucas Film 1983 Arr." on top. Thanks to MVH Marcus for this information. All of the cards that are numbered 301-326 have "eno (c)opyright notice on the front, and the following text on the back: "TM & (C) Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved. Nellba Authorized User. Stja¨rnornas Krig TM".

In addition to the Stjarnos Krig trading cards, a second set of cards were issued under the name Uranium cards. I do not have a description of this set at this time. One will be provided as soon as possible.

A huge thank you goes out to Krister Nielsen who provided many of the scans for this section. It is the generosity of collectors like Krister that help make this site what it is.

Card NumberDescription
31Luke and C-3P0
78C-3P0 and R2-D2
78Chewie, Luke, Obi-Wan and Han
113C-3P0, Luke and Obi-Wan
125C-3P0, Leia and 2 other characters
201 AS T-5 (probe droid)
202 Luke Skywalker
203 Klaatu, Boba Fett
204 Emperor
205 Stormtrooper
206 Yoda, Luke Skywalker
207 C-3P0, Ewoks
208 Luke Skywalker
209 Luke Skywalker (Cloud City)
210 Darth Vader, Stormtrooper
211 R2-D2, C-3P0
212 Darth Vader (with Fett on Cloud City)
213 R2-D2, Wicket W Warrick
214 C-3P0, Luke Skywalker
215 Stjarnornas Krig (Cantina Aliens)
216 Prinsessan Leia
217 Ben Kenobi
218 Stjarnornas Krig (Interior of Falcon cockpit)
219 Boba Fett
220 Stjarnornas Krig (Falcon cockpit - ESB)
221 Darth Vader
222 Luke Skywalker (on Taun Taun)
223 Stjarnornas krig (Star Destroyer)
224 Darth Vader (Cloud City)
225 Darth Vader m.fl. (addressing the bounty hunters)
226 C-3P0, Han Solo, Leia
227 Stjarnornas krig (Leia, Vader and Tarkin)
228 Stjarnornas Krig (awards ceremony)
229 Luke Skywalker (on Tatooine)
230 Darth Vader (dueling Ben)
231 Han Solo
232 Stjarnornas krig (Star Destroyer)
233 Chewbacca samt Han Solo
234 Luke Skywalker (in landspeeder)
235 Luke, Leia och Han Solo
236 C-3P0 m.fl. (running to the Falcon - ESB)
237 Leia och R2-D2
238 Stormtrooper (Snowtrooper)
239 AT-AT
240 C-3P0
241 Luke Skywalker
242 Han Solo (sketch)
243 Admiral Ackbar (sketch)
244 Han Solo (actually a sketch of Lando in skiff gear!)
245 Klattuu (sketch)
246 Prinsessan Leia (sketch in Boussh gear)
247 Skiff (sketch)
248 Admiral Ackbar
249 Paploo (sketch)
250 Baby Ewoks (sketch)
251 Stjarnornas Krig (cast promotional photo on Hoth)
252 Jawa
253 Sy Snootle (sketch)
254 Emperors guard (sketch)
255 Wicket W Warrick (sketch)
256 Biker Scout (sketch)
257 Wicket W Warrick
258 Emperors guard
259 AT-ST (sketch)
260 Shuttle Tydirium (sketch)
261 C-3P0
262 Stjarnornas krig (description needed)
263 Yoda, The Jedi Master
264 C-3P0, R2-D2 (on Endor)
265 C-3P0, Prinsessan Leia
266 Stjarnornas Krig (description needed)
267 Prinsessan Leia
268 The Emperor (sketch)
269 Lando Calrissian m.fl. (actually Han, Chewie and Leia at the rebel briefing)
270 The Sail Barge (sketch)
271 Lando Calrissian
272 Leia och Luke
273 Luke Skywalker, Han Solo
274 Luke Skywalker (sketch)
275 R2-D2 samt C-3P0
276 Jabba the Hutt (sketch)
277 Gamorrean Guard (sketch)
278 Bib Fortuna (sketch)
Second Set
301 Stjarnornas Krig (Falcon)
302 Sy Snootles
303 Han Solo
304 Stjarnornas Krig (B-Wing)
305 Stjarnornas Krig ( Endor)
306 Bib Fortuna
307 Luke, Leia, Han Solo
308 Prinsessan Leia (in Slave attire)
309 Gamorrean Guard
310 Jabba The Hutt
311 C-3P0
312 Lando Calrissian
313 The Sail Barge
314 Sy Snootles
315 C-3P0
316 Lando Calrissian
317 The Skiff
318 Baby Ewok
319 Paploo
320 Luke Skywalker
321 Wicket W Warrick
322 Rancor
323 Mon Calamari
324 Ewok
325 Ewok (Chief Chirpa)
326 Ewoks

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