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Bootleg - US - ROTJ Vending Machine Stickers - 1983

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::  set value: $10
::  single: $0.50
Images can be seen at Andy's site

Many comic book stores still have sticker vending machines, and I've recently run across them in Toys 'R Us stores. These machines distribute shiny card-sized stickers. During the release of The Return of the Jedi, a set of 16 vending machine stickers were distributed for the film. These stickers were originally vended as full set of 12 stacked between two heavy cardboard cards with cellophane wrapper. A problem with these stickers is the simple fact that they tend to be bought by kids, and kids tend to use stickers to stick on things (gasp!).

My own personal vending machine sticker set is on its way to me at this moment. I will create a page of scans as soon as I'm able. Due to this sets small size, I will post the scans directly on this page.

Huge thanks to Arnie Lunsford who assisted with the information on this page!

Card NumberDescription
no number Han Solo
no number Chewbacca
no number Lando as Skiff Guard
no number Obi-Wan
no number Wicket
no number C-3P0
no number Yoda
no number R2-D2
no number Darth Vader
no number Luke
no number Leia with Boushh disguise
no number Royal Guard
no number Jabba the Hutt
no number Wicket
no number Boba Fett
no number Admiral Ackbar

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