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Topps - US - Giant Movie Pin Ups - 1981

Quick Card Info
sample image sample image Card Values
::  set value: $25
::  unopened box: $??
::  single: $2-3

Rather than being proper cards, the Giant Movie Pin-ups were actually folded posters sold similarly to trading cards. Each folded poster was in a single wrapper, and there were a total of twelve pin-ups to collect. Two of these were Star Wars related, earning them a place on this site. Each packet also contained the requisite piece of Topps gum. It's actually quite interesting to see the range of movies featured in the pin-ups collection, as it would seem that the pin-ups were possibly geared more toward older teens rather than young kids. A checklist for the collection is below. I will be adding a scan for the wrapper and box as soon as I'm able.

Card NumberDescription
1 Jaws
2 Superman
3 Grease
4 Airplane!
5 Star Wars
6 Rocky
7 Animal House
8 The Empire Strikes Back
9 Young Frankenstein
10 The Blue Lagoon
11 Revenge of the Pink Panther
12 Smokey and the Bandit

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