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UFO - The Netherlands - ESB Stickers - 1980

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sample image Card Values
::  set value: $15-20
::  single: $2-3

Images can be seen at Andy's site

UFO's were a potato chip. A poster was given away in stores (although they were often not available), or through a mail in offer. The poster showed 6 round images of characters from the Empire Strikes Back. Two of the images on the poster were already shown in full color on the poster, and were not actually stickers that collectors could collect. The four stickers that could be found were received in chip bags and could be added to the poster. A checklist for the stickers is shown below.

I would like to thank Dylan Abram for providing much of the information for this page, as well as for providing scans some of the stickers, and of an advertising sheet for the set.

Advertisements were apparently very misleading in not indicating that there were only four, and not six stickers to collect. An ad sheet advertising the stickers was found in Donald Duck magazine, or in Kuifje magazine.

Card NumberDescription
no number Chewbacca
no number Yoda
no number Leia
no number C-3P0

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