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General Foods (Twinkie) - New Zealand - ESB Stickers - 1980

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::  set value: $50-60
::  single: $5-10

Images can be seen at Andy's site

Issued around the same time as the Empire Strikes Back in New Zealand, these stickers are actually round, and quite cute. The stickers are larger than you might expect, being around 2 inches across. Each sticker image has a black border, and although the stickers are round, they were issued on a square backing.

Like many vintage items, these stickers are sometimes hard to identify because they do not have company information on them. Each sticker has a small Lucasfilm copyright on the front, along with the date 1980. There is no information on the back of the stickers (although there is a JAC mark that is apparently the printer of the sticker material.

It is common to find the stickers with the white edging gone yellow, or with the stickiness of the sticker reduced.

In general, this is a very difficult vintage set to find as it was issued in a smaller country. Also, not many parents were willing to buy kids six boxes of twinkies! Most of these stickers probably ended up stuck to things in kids' rooms, which is what they were intended to do. Only die-hard collectors will attempt to find and add these to their collections.

This set had no numbering, but there were 6 total stickers to collect.

Card NumberDescription
no number Yoda
no number Luke Skywalker
no number Chewbacca
no number Leia
no number Darth Vader
no number C-3P0

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