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Bootleg - Greece - Empire Strikes Back Cards - 1980

Quick Card Info
sample image Card Values
::  set value: $250+
::  unopened box: $100
::  single: $2-5

Images can be seen at Andy's site

This page is still in progress. I have been relying on two friends, David Polis, who provided me with scans of his personal collection (which has become the basis of this partial checklist), and Chris Burton, who is promising to fill in all the information I am lacking once I've done my best with this page. :o)

This card set was issued in Greece at the time of the release of The Empire Strikes Back. An unlicensed set, it is both unique in many ways, and difficult to complete.

Because it was issued in Greece, all of the text on the cards is in the Greek language using the Greek alphabet. This makes the cards fun to look at, but difficult to translate for your average American card enthusiast. The cards include primarily images from The Empire Strikes Back. Many of the images are repeated more than once. A small number of cards include images from Star Wars, and a small number include images from Star Trek!

The set includes a total of 200 cards. This alone would make the set difficult to complete, but to add to the complexity for the completionist collector, the cards also come in two variations, large and small text. It is possible to complete two sets of 200 cards, one set with small text descriptions, one with large text descriptions.

Because the text descriptions are in Greek, I have made up my own descriptions based on David's scans.

Card NumberDescription
1 Darth Vader with lightsaber
2 Darth in Cloud City carbon freezing chamber
3 The star-ship Enterprise from Star Trek
4 R2 and C-3P0 talk to a Cloud City computer
5 Han is tortured
6 Chewie repairs C-3P0
7 Han fires at Vader
8 Vader in Cloud City dining room
9 Yoda
10 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of the Falcon in Hoth hangar
11 R2 repairs C-3P0's foot
12 Probe Droid
13 Luke on Tauntaun
14 Chewie repairs the Falcon
15 Leia in Hoth control room
16 Hoth droid
17 Commander at Hoth base
18 Leia at command console
19 Luke hands out in a wampa cave
20 Darth Vader and stormtroopers
21 A medical droid tends a Tauntaun!
22 Han quiets C-3P0
23 Han on Tauntaun
24 Han discovers Tauntauns smell worse on the inside
25 Captain Kirk!
26 Hoth medical center
27 Luke in bacta
28 2-1B medical droid
29 R2 in Hoth corridor
30 Spock!
31 Chewie on Hoth
32 Han on Hoth
33 Shooting a probe droid
34 Darth Vader
35 Hoth troops rush to battle
36 Hoth trenches
37 Hoth soldier in the trenches
38 Into the snowspeeder
39 Big guns on Hoth
40 Troops in the trenches
41 An explosion nearby
42 The battle takes its toll
43 AT-ATs on the prowl
44 Trapped in a snowspeeder
45 Trying to save Dack
46 Hoth soldiers retreat
47 Destruction in the command center
48 C-3P0 and Han in the debris
49 The carbon freezing chamber
50 Luke holding a blaster
51 Snowtroopers
52 Darth on Hoth
53 In the Falcon's cockpit
54 Star destroyers chase the Falcon
55 Han repairs the Falcon
56 Luke in X-Wing cockpit
57 Luke arrives on Dagobah
58 Yoda and R2 in the swamp
59 Yoda
60 Luke and Yoda
61 Star Trek's Scottie!
62 R2 peeks in Yoda's window
63 Yoda and Luke share a meal
64 Leia does some welding
65 Chewie and Han do repairs
66 An alien from Star Trek
67 C-3P0 interrupts a kiss
68 Exploring inside the space slug's belly
69 Han fires at a mynock
70 Yoda watches Luke perform a hand-stand
71 Luke and a swampy X-Wing
72 Luke bids farewell to Yoda
73 The bounty hunters assemble
74 Close-up on the bounty hunters
75 Boba Fett and IG-88
76 Lando and Cloud City troops
77 Han greets Lando with open arms
78 Han and Lando talk
79 Lando greets the princess
80 Princess Leia aboard the Falcon
81 Leia in Cloud City dress
82 Chewie recovers C-3P0's pieces
83 Bringing C-3P0 back to their room
84 Chewie surveys a C-3P0 puzzle
85 Lando escorts Han and Leia to dinner
86 Heroes in the dining room
87 Darth heads up the table
88 Han fires at Darth
89 Chewie looks at C-3P0's head
90 Han is tortured
91 The Enterprise!
92 C-3P0 runs for the Falcon
93 Watching Han's freezing
94 Han about to be frozen
95 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of speeders on Hoth
96 Leia leans on Chewie
97 Han in carbonite
98 Fett escorts his prize
99 Luke watches Han around a corner
100 Han Solo
101 Luke at Cloud City
102 The carbon freezing chamber
103 Nurse Christine Chappel from Star Trek !
104 Darth Vader
105 Darth with lightsaber
106 Darth and Luke duel
107 A closer look at the duel
108 Stormtroopers take away Leia and Chewie
109 Chewie chokes Lando
110 Leia leads the charge
111 A Klingon Battlecruiser from Star Trek
112 R2 learns shocking information
113 Luke out the window
114 An Rigellian from Star Trek
115 Darth to Luke: Join Me!
116 Luke hangs from Cloud City
117 Nurse Christine Chappel from Star Trek !
118 Han with open arms
119 Lando and associates
120 This is a prize winning card, very, very rare
121 A Ralph McQuarrie painting f AT-AT vs. Snowspeeder
122 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of Darth on Star Destroyer
123 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of Luke on Dagobah
124 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of Cloud City
125 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of the Falcon at Cloud City
126 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of Han and Leia at Cloud City
127 A Ralph McQuarrie paintingof Luke falling out window
128 A Ralph McQuarrie paintingof Darth on gantry
129 A Ralph McQuarrie paintingof Luke hanging out
130 A Ralph McQuarrie paintingof Dagobah
131 Leia
132 IG-88 and Boba Fett
133 Bounty hunters
134 Luke at Cloud City
135 Luke and R2 at Cloud City
136 Chewie
137 Chewie and Han do repairs
138 Exploring the space slug's belly
139 Leia does some welding
140 Lt. Ohura!
141 Tusken Raider
142 Luke and Yoda share a meal
143 R2 peeks in Yoda's window
144 Star Trek's Scottie!
145 Luke watches Han around a corner
146 C-3P0
147 Fett leads away his prize
148 C-3P0 runs for the Falcon
149 Vader
150 C-3PO
151 Snowtroopers setup
152 Vader on Hoth
153 Painting of Luke going out a window
154 C-3P0 and Stormtroopers
155 The Falcon
156 C-3P0 on Tatooine
157 Darth and Leia meet on her ship
158 Darth on Hoth
159 Painting of the Falcon at Cloud City
160 C-3P0 helps guide R2 down from X-Wing
161 Stormtroopers stand guard
162 C-3P0
163 Han and C-3P0 in Hoth debris
164 Han in carbonite
165 X-Wing vs. TIE at Death Star
166 Darth chokes Captain Antilles
167 Falcon under guard
168 Leia leans on Chewie
169 Preparing the snowspeeder
170 Preparing an X-Wing
171 Death star gunner
172 Chewie
173 Hoth commander
174 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of Luke falling out window
175 Jawas
176 C-3P0 and R2 in Tatooine workshed
177 The Hoth trenches
178 Hoth battle ground
179 Hoth hangar
180 R2-D2 in Cloud City
181 Obi-Wan disables tractor beam
182 Hoth command center in disrepair
183 Hoth battle
184 Escaping a damaged snowspeeder
185 The Falcon
186 X-Wings
187 Trapped in a snowspeeder
188 Stormtroopers
189 Darth on Hoth
190 Luke and R2 on Cloud City
191 R2 and C-3P0
192 Lieutenant Ilea from Star Trek !
193 AT-ATs
194 A Ralph McQuarrie painting of a snowspeeder downing an AT-AT
195 Preparing to freeze Han
196 C-3P0 and R2 on Tatooine
197 Hoth medical center
198 Captain Kirk from Star Trek
199 R2 in Tatooine canyon
200 Lando Calrissian

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