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Dixie Cup - US - ESB Trading Cards - 1980

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Images can be seen at Andy's site

The Dixie cup cards were issued as a promotional item in conjunction with the Empire Strikes Back Dixie cups sold in the early 80's. There were two types of cards. One type of card was found in the boxes of cups themselves, and the other type was available as a mail-away offer.

The cards found inside actual boxes of Dixie cups were cards in only the loosest sense of the word. Opening a box of Dixie cups, you would find a very small strip of thick paper at the bottom of the box. It was often slightly banged up from being in among the cups. This strip of heavy paper contained four images from the Empire Strikes Back. These were the 'cards' advertised on the outside of the box.

The second type of card was an actual set of four cards that were available as a mail-away offer, and came with a poster of Darth Vader. I believe there were two different sets of the mail-away cards, although I'm still checking on that information. Our sample image for this page shows one of the larger mail away cards.

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