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Wonderbread - US - Promotional Trading Cards - 1977

Quick Card Info
1977 wonder bread Card Values
::  set value: $15-20
::  single: $1

Card images can be seen at Andy's site

A set of 16 black bordered cards were created by Wonder Bread to celebrate the Star Wars movie. It wasn't uncommon in the 70's for there to be a sticker or a card distributed with a bread product, even if it seems unusual today. Kids undoubtedly encouraged their parents to buy Wonder Bread in order to get these cool cards. And many collectors will find these cards in with their other vintage Star Wars cards, although they aren't always sure where these fun black bordered cards came from.

A mail away offer enabled you to get a mint set of the cards (that had never been in with bread) along with a small wallet to hold them. Singles and sets of these cards can still be found for sale, and are a nice addition to a card collection.

Card NumberDescription
1 Luke Skywalker
2 Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi
3 Princess Leia Organa
4 Han Solo
5 Darth Vader
6 Grand Moff Tarkin
7 See-Threepio
8 Artoo-Deetoo
9 Chewbacca
10 Jawas
11 Tusken Raider
12 Stormtroopers
13 Millennium Falcon
14 Star Destroyer
15 X-Wing
16 TIE, Vader's Ship

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