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Topps - UK - Star Wars Cards (2 Series) - 1977

Quick Card Info
card 10a Card Values
::  set value: $30
::  unopened box: $75
::  single: $0.25 - 0.50

Images can be seen at Andy's site

Thanks to Greg for providing some basic updated information on this set.

These cards are basically reprints of the first two series (blue and red) of the Topps US cards. There were no stickers issued with the British sets. The first set of blue cards is identical to the US set, and difficult to distinguish from the US set. The paper it is printed on is slightly lighter however, and the card backs seem lighter when compared to the US cards. The US cards will tend to have more of a gray cast to them. For collectors, a blue set issued in the UK will not be different in any noticeable way from one issued in the US.

The second set of the British cards includes different numbering from the Topps sets. This is the red set of cards. 1a-66a and the pictures are in a different order to the US set. Special thanks to John Larr for providing the checklist below that shows a comparison between the UK series 2 cards and the US series 2 cards.

Card Number (uk)Card Number (us)Description
1A 132 Lord Vader and a Soldier
2A 74 Luke Skywalker on Tatooine
3A 67 See-Threepio and Luke
4A 104 Luke's Aunt and Uncle
5A 90 Honoring the Victors!
6A 102 Rebels Prepare for the Big Fight!
7A 120 Luke Destroys an Imperial Ship!
8A 93 Stormtroopers Blast the Rebels!
9A 129 "May the Force be With You!"
10A 101 The Wookiee Chewbacca
11A 123 Solo Blasts a Stormtrooper!
12A 80 "Where has R2-D2 Gone?"
13A 112 Threatened by Sand People!
14A 114 Planning to Escape!
15A 68 The Millennium Falcon
16A 88 Stormtroopers Guard Solo's Ship
17A 79 Preparing to Board Solo's Starship!
18A 115 Hiding in the Millennium Falcon!
19A 103 Stormtroopers Attack Our Heroes
20A 128 Roar of the Wookiee!
21A 131 Spectacular Battle!
22A 125 Luke is Disguise!
23A 70 Special Mission for Artoo-Detoo
24A 94 Interrogated by Stormtroopers
25A 119 Threepio, Ben and Luke!
26A 105 Imperial Soldiers Burn Through the Starship!
27A 86 A Mighty Explosion!
28A 106 A Message From Princess Leia!
29A 108 Princess Leia Observes the Battle
30A 82 A Daring Rescue!
31A 71 The Incredible See-Threepio
32A 122 The Millennium Falcon Speeds Through Space!
33A 117 Chewbacca Poses as a Prisoner
34A 100 Our Heroes at the Spaceport
35A 110 Threepio Fools the Guards!
36A 72 Ben Kenobi Rescues Luke!
37A 113 Ben Hides From Imperial Stormtroopers
38A 84 Rebel Pilot Prepares for the Raid!
39A 109 Ben Turns Off the Tractor Beam
40A 89 The Imprisoned Princess Leia
41A 118 R2-D2 and C-3P0
42A 111 Chewie and Han Solo!
43A 87 The Droids Try to Rescue Luke!
44A 99 Ben with the Light Saber!
45A 75 Darth Vader Strangles a Rebel
46A 96 The Droids on Tatooine
47A 126 A Quizzical Threepio!
48A 95 Sighting Artoo-Detoo!
49A 83 Aboard the Millennium Falcon
50A 81 Weapons of the Death Star
51A 73 The Droids Wait For Luke
52A 116 Honored for Their Heroism!
53A 107 The Tusken Raider
54A 124 Threepio Searches for R2-D2
55A 98 See-Threepio
56A 127 The Rebel Fleet
57A 130 Pursued by the Jawas
58A 85 Luke on the Sand Planet
59A 69 Threepio's Desert Track
60A 77 Waiting in the Control Room
61A 91 Solo and Chewie Prepare to Leave Luke
62A 97 Meeting at the Cantina
63A 121 Han Solo and Chewbacca
64A 78 Droids to the Rescue
65A 76 Artoo-Detoo on the Rebel Starship!
66A 92 Advance of the Tusken Raider

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