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Tip Top - New Zealand - Ice Cream Promo Stickers - 1977

Quick Card Info
1977 Tip Top Sticker Card Values
::  set value: $25-35
::  single: $2

Images can be seen at Andy's site

I have only limited information about these stickers, most of it from the Tomart's Price Guide to Star Wars Collectibles. Essentially, the Tip Top ice cream company appears to have given away two different sets of stickers in association with their ice cream. The first set contained 15 stickers and were given away with R2 Space Ice. These stickers were from the Star Wars movie and were issued in 1977. The set contained a combination of film images and art images from Ralph McQuarrie paintings. Later, they gave away a set of 4 stickers with a product called "Jedi Jelly." I will be creating a separate page for the Jedi Jelly stickers.

Tip Top stickers are considerably smaller than a normal trading card.

If you have any additional information about these stickers, please contact me.

Special thanks to Greg for providing the scans, and for helping to complete the checklist for the Tip Top set by doing so.

Card NumberDescription
no number X-Wing in Trench
no number X-Wing Battle in Trench
no number Death Star
no number Luke vs. Vader Painting
no number Pilots in Hangar
no number TIE Pilot
no number Sandcrawler
no number These Aren't the Droids You're Looking For
no number Vader on the Rebel Ship
no number Tusken Raiders
no number Han and Chewie
no number Leia and R2
no number Falcon in Docking Bay
no number Han in Gunport
no number Purchase of the Droids

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