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Bootleg - US - Star Wars Vending Machine Stickers - 1977

Quick Card Info
1977 bootleg vending sticker Card Values
::  set value: $10
::  single: $1

Images can be seen at Andy's site

Issuing stickers in vending machines was quite popular during the late seventies and early eighties. This type of vending machine has even made a comeback today. Typically stickers were roughly the size of a trading card, and were inserted between a folded piece of cardboard to protect the sticker as it was distributed from the vending machine. Vending machines could be found at a number of locations popular with kids who attempted to complete full 'sets' of stickers. This set of eight different stickers was apparently a bootleg set not licensed by Lucasfilm. The quality of the stickers is very poor.

Although a bootleg item from the time of the original films, it is not uncommon to find these stickers in collections or being sold as part of odd-lots on eBay.

Thanks to my friend Andy for the sample image shown.

Card NumberDescription
no number May the Force Be With You
no number Princess Leia
no number Han Solo
no number C-3P0
no number Darth Vader
no number Chewbacca
no number Luke Skywalker
no number Darth Vader Lives

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